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leo said...

Is it all right to download your songs? If so, how do you do it? is it for free? and Thank you so much. Enjoy your site because your music is so natural, not coming from outer space like the music of today. Thanks, from an oldy just trying to recall how good music use to be.
A good day and more power to you

Admin said...

Thank you for your message,
Our backing tracks are free for play on this site or on our Youtube channel.
Download is not enabled, sorry, we maintain this website with ads.
If you are interested in buying a song you can use the contact form.
A greeting

Unknown said...

love ur site. I have been playing guitar for a long while and sometimes i break out and do a corner show. I like having all the control of my backgrounds with chords and lyrics it really helps my pro essence. and i dont have to assume if the band is in tune. could use a little JOE COCKER OR BLUES TRAVELER OR JONNY LANG. Chicks seem to dig these genre of blues. THANX RICKY

Admin said...

Thank you for your comment

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